A few weeks ago, I had a Facebook conversation with a Catholic friend and a Clergyman from the United Church of Christ.  We all shared the different and unique ways that God speaks to us.  It was all incredibly encouraging.  There was no fighting or debating – even when the Clergyman referred to God as a “she”.

After a few lines, I said, “Wait, so a Catholic, a Mainline Protestant, and a Charismatic Evangelical are all talking to each other about God on Facebook.  Shouldn’t we be like…oh I don’t know…arguing or something?”

The Clergyman looked at my profile and responded, “It says you like Rob Bell on your profile page.  You’re not exactly a typical Evangelical.”

Good point.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know what I am anymore (should it even matter?)  I raised Pentecostal and I treasure the values that instilled in me.  I’m still annoyingly charismatic about my faith…not like Benny Hinn charismatic…more  like the mysticism of Frank Labauch  merged with the prayer philosophies of Richard Foster kind of charismatic.  I’m still very Evangelical…although my thoughts and methods about evangelizing typically don’t mesh with their milieu.  I’m largely influenced by N.T. Wright and Greg Boyd.  I’m very much into Kingdom Theology, inclusivism, and old-world virtues.  I enjoy some of the work that has come out of the Calvinist churches, although I can rarely seem to get along with them; and one of my favorite Christian thinkers is George Macdonald, who was a Universalist.

Overall, I simply call myself a follow of Jesus Christ – and that is enough.  But since labels are so vogue these days, how do you put one on all this?

So in my Facebook conversation, I responded, “I guess I’m more of a Char-Evan-Meto-Luther-Anglica-Platypus”.

Try to get THAT denomination recognized by the government.

And hence the name of this blog.  The platypus is a seriously odd creature that doesn’t really mesh with any of the biological categories.  I can relate to that.  I think like a theological liberal (whatever that means) but act more like a charismatic.  I enjoy studying Greek and really nerdy philosophy, but I often cry at the mere thought of God and fully believe in the laying on of hands for healing.  I don’t believe in a literal 6 day creation, a literal rapture; and I don’t believe that hell is a place where people are tormented for eternity.  But I do believe in the literal power of the holy spirit and have seen him/her do some crazy things.  I take holiness and discipleship seriously, but I love a good scotch.

I’m a platypus.

This, unfortunately, comes with some sad stereotypes.  People like me tend to be seen as rebellious, attention-seeking, over-impressionable and/or generally confused.  I take issue with all these.  My worldview and theology is crafted through careful and diligent study and prayer.  I am humble enough to realize that I could be wrong and am open to change.  I care more about seeking the truth rather than being right.  So my thoughts are ever-changing.  I’m passionate about what I believe but the last thing I want to be is dogmatic.

The purpose of this blog is two-fold.  I run a blog website called fourfingerculture.com  I created that site about a year ago in an attempt to get people from all different walks of life to talk and share their perspectives without the fear of judgment.  It’s been a slow start but it’s gaining some momentum.  Fourfingerculture has over 25 full articles from various authors (although it’s mostly just me) and has received almost 4000 views to date.  Hey, it’s not Relevant magazine, but it’s something I’m proud of.  I’ve been trying to improve the variety of Fourfingerculture’s articles by getting more authors with different perspectives.  And since lately all I’ve wanted to do is write down my theological musings, I don’t want to bog down that site with them.

Also, I’ve lately had a head full of thoughts that I just want to put into text.  Some of these things are not words I would want to put on Fourfingerculture.  Since I advirtise the articles there, I want them to be polished and thought-out.  The articles on Thoughtsofaplatypus are more like diary entries.  They’re going to be unadvertised, raw, and maybe even a little illogical sometimes.  I don’t care if I have many readers, although I know I’ll have a few. I’ll be happy to have any readers, commentators or subscribers.  But ultimately, that’s not the point of the blog.  I’m just trying to be a little more transparent with my soul.

So then why don’t I just keep a diary?

The reason is simple.  Writers need to write.  And sometimes writing, while knowing that absolutely no one will see it, makes it an arduous process.  Just the silly fact of knowing my words will be displayed naked to the web on the slim chance that someone might read them is inspiration enough to keep writing.  I know it’s dumb, but it works for me.

So if you would like to jump on my mental trampoline, I happily welcome you.  But regardless of what you do, I’m still going to jump and continue to write and ramble and use improper grammar.  Because that’s what diaries are for.

Welcome to mine.




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