I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

September 14, 2011

On 9-11 I wrote a blog that criticized the war from both a Christian and a non-Christian    perspective.  And ever since I’ve been glued to the computer because I’ve been involved in incredibly long debates from 5 different Christians.  One of these debates is with my cousin and it’s one I actually enjoy because his arguments are well constructed.   I value dialogue with critically minded people that is deep yet respectful because I learn a lot and I’m honored that someone in my own family would take the time to throw down the proverbial gauntlet.

But the other 4 haven’t been exactly enlightening.  I absolutely despise arguing for the sake of winning.  There’s no real value in it and it’s a monumental time waster.  I feel that if I can’t learn anything or if my opponent is unwilling to consider my side, there’s no point.  But I feel like I’m stuck in finishing these stupid debates.  I really hope they end soon.  Maybe I should just swallow my pride and say, “Listen, I really gotta go do homework.  Peace.”

I’ve been thinking about the past couple days and I now I feel like Mugatu.  Out of all the things I’ve written (except for my heretical Rob Bell piece) I’ve never gotten more heat for a blog.  And yes, I did post it on 9-11 and maybe I was a tad polemic, but I was largely just espousing the non-violent teachings of Jesus.  And even if someone rightfully disagrees, you’d think they’d be a little hesitant in arguing against someone who just played the Jesus card.   People are passionate about war.

Some of these debates have been long and deep.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have read several books on ethics and have done a lot of work to formulate my beliefs in these matters.  My responses in these debates have been, for the most part, deeply theological, philosophical and detailed.  On many of them I haven’t really argued as much as I’ve played respectful defense.  I keep getting the same shallow theology and angry rhetoric thrown at me.   But even in the midst of quoting scripture and philosophy, you’d think that when the fact that over a million people have died in this war (some estimate as high as 1.5 million) gets mentioned, I’d a least get a “Oh, you may have a point there.”

How can you not give a least a little pause to 1.5 million dead as a result of the War on Terror?

And yet in all this, I’ve had three non-religious friends say nothing but good things about my blog.  In fact, one of my friends, a fellow writer, asked me to read a piece about 9-11 he is trying to submit to American Atheist.  It was a great article.  It sounded like mine in a lot of ways sans the Christian perspective.  I e-mailed him back telling him how I liked it and where it was particularly strong.  And then it hit me: I’ve been spending the last few days arguing about the teachings of Jesus against fellow Christians while receiving praise from non-Christian friends and giving my input on an article that will be submitted to American Athiest.

What universe have I landed in?

In the immortal words of Mugatu, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”




3 Responses to “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills”

  1. Katie Hahs said

    Hmmm… this is how I felt a few years ago. And look where it landed me 😉 I realized that I was getting more criticism and judgement from Christians than I was from Non-Christians… and it wasnt the type of judgement one might expect.
    It wasnt the “Since you’re my sister in Christ, Im going to tell you what I think you’re doing wrong in a loving manner so that you might change yourself for the glory of God” type of judgement. It was the “Everything you do is wrong and you’re going to Hell. How can you possibly call yourself a Christian?” type of judgement. The sad thing is… all I was doing was listening to My Chemical Romance, wearing Jnco jeans, and dying my hair burghundy. *sigh* If I really thought, back then, that Jesus gave a crap about my choice of music or what I was wearing, I might still be a Christian today. But, I still hold my beleif that Jesus would have accepted me with open arms then, as he would now if I were to ask him for a hug. It’s really a shame more Christians can’t be like Jesus. (oh snap.)
    I didnt see the blog you posted on 9-11. Must… find… argumentative… material.

  2. Joshua said

    I don’t judge your for the MCR or the Jnco jeans…the the burgundy hair? Really? 🙂 Kidding!

    If you want some argumentative material, here’s some – Jesus accepted you in the past, accepts you in the present, and will accept you in the future.

    But you knew I was gonna say that, did you? 🙂

    Much love.

  3. Katie Hahs said

    Had a hunch you might 😛

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